Waterfalls & Water Features

Water features by Tropic Pools are aesthetically pleasing and help keep your pool cool

The cool, clean waterfall cascadesĀ into the blue pool, filling the yard with soothing, natural sounds and inviting you into the relaxing water. Custom waterfalls can create a unique atmosphere in any backyard with a pool.

Swimming pool waterfalls and fountains add elegance to any backyard pool. Our experienced designers can build water features in any style you can imagine, with an array of amazing lighting options.

The sound of smooth waterfalls is a natural stress reliever, giving your own personal retreat.Ā  Tropic Pools has created unique and beautiful custom waterfalls, fountains, ponds, streams and lighting solutions for backyards throughout the Houston area.

Pool waterfall options include:

  • Natural rock waterfalls
  • Boulder waterfalls
  • Cascade waterfalls
  • Ledge waterfalls
  • Flagstone waterfalls
  • Scuppers
  • Water bowls with fire

Water features designed and installed by Tropic Pools not only are aesthetically pleasing also help keep your pool cool during the hot summer days.